PapaD’s Quest for Fire

It’s been almost a lifelong quest for alternative fire starting methods. Those that don’t require the use of matches or lighters or others of the conventional modern ways to start fire. It began with my older brother’s scouting activities, I think. I learned a lot of primitive ways and old-fashioned lore from both my parents and my siblings, as well as my extended family. These things seemed important to them, so they naturally became important to me.


But what was likely conveyed as something of minor importance and tidbits of casual interest to them, may well have gotten out of hand for me. It was harmless enough. There are certainly less worthy pursuits, but as often has happened with me, I carried this interest to extremes. Where any good outdoorsman  or Boy Scout may know a couple or three ways to start fire without matches–at least in concept–I know and have actively practiced over a hundred ways to do so.

A while back, as I was showing some of these ways to grand-kids, it dawned on me that these skills are not much known anymore, although there does seem to be a resurgence in interest about such things among certain groups of people. Some of them are widely known to those folks. Some of them have never been known outside those whom I have taught them to, and some ways are little known except to a handful of people in different parts of the world. As I started teaching a few of these methods to my grand-kids, I found it useful to take little video clips showing how to do them, for their benefit.

My grand-kids don’t all live close enough to show them firsthand. Thus I began one blog entitled One Hundred Ways to Start Fire without Matches, which is hosted on another service. The blog has caught a lot of interest from others besides grand-kids and family. I felt that maybe for the benefit of those people that I might take a different approach and streamline another blog with the basic information that is not laden with all the family stories and what-not.  So, for better or worse, I am trying this out here.

I will begin immediately content here by reposting some of those already prepared from my other blog all or in part as well as future posts edited specifically for this blog. I those who find it, will also find my own personal Quest for Fire as interesting and useful as have I.


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