Use an Old Lightbulb to Start Fire

Solar Fire from  Light-bulb

by PapaD Wright

This one is among my favorite solar fire starting techniques because it is so reliable and relatively easy to do. I don’t think many people know of this one. You sort of have to be in a fire-making mindset to think of this for a few reasons. First, it is not readily evident that a frosted bulb can so easily be made into a clear magnifier. Second, who would think of breaking open a sealed bulb and converting it to a magnifier by removing the frosting inside and then filling it with water in order to make it magnify?


Who knows what circumstances might call for using a lightbulb to make fire. I can conceive of many situations that might find you without electricity, but with a light-bulb on hand, old or new. Any discarded incandescent lightbulb of any household size will work.  It doesn’t have to be the end of the world or lost in the woods to have a need. Each year ice-storms bring down power lines and people are left without power for weeks–just to think of one situation come to mind.

You can read the details of how to do this at my blog entitled, One Hundred Ways to Start Fire without Matches at this link.



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