Easy Fire from Battery and Steel Wool

When I mention Electricity as a Fire-Starting Method, it seems that quite a few people have at least heard about using a battery with steel wool. Fewer have actually tried it or know what kind of battery or what kind of steel wool is required to make it work. Odds are they would be disappointed if they tried it without the proper information. But this is indeed one way to use electricity to start a fire. There are many more, but just to get this one out of the way, I will start with it and provide full details to make it work. Not just any battery will work nor will just any kind of steel wool will work. My YouTube clip show fire using a nine-volt el cheap-o Walmart battery and #0000 grade steel wool. It works like a charm–rain or shine.

Go to this link for full details.

Steel Wool and 9 Volts


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