Update to My Previous Fire Piston Experience

Fire Piston Update. Call it My First Fire Product Review.

By PapaD

Okay, I am excited about this, although it does not actually fit into my format for showing reliable fire starting methods that can be readily made from materials at hand by virtually anyone. This product is made and sold commercially. My daughter gifted it to me for my birthday. It does illustrate what is possible once the stars align. My objective is to make one of these on the fly from common materials that works this well. I think I am close. It helps to recall that these were first made from wood and bamboo and plant fibers in the jungles of SE Asia long before they were made from aluminum and rubber O-rings. When I get it right–I’ll pass it along here. Meanwhile, this is how a fire piston works.

You can see the video clip at this link to my main blog. Fire Piston Video


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