PapaD’s Yo-yo Fire Top



I’ve never seen this one anywhere else. That’s not to say it hasn’t ever been used before; it’s a big world and there is seldom anything to be found undiscovered by now. And, yeah, the construction is pretty ugly, what with the duct/duck tape and that.However, I am taking the liberty to call it PapaD’s Fire Yo-yo–fitting, because it is new to me, unusual, and ugly. It can also resemble a top, especially if it gets loose. Maybe it should be called a Yo-top, or a To-yo, or a Yo-yo and Toto, too. That was a stretch.¬† Whatever it is, I like it. It uses centrifugal force much like the pump drill, but to me it is easier. I used the same counter weights that I used with one of the Eskimo Pump drill designs I tried. In fact , this may be among the easiest friction fire methods I have ever devised.



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