First Aid Cold Pack & Zinc Fire Starting

It’s been longer than I had planned since I made a post here. Life gets in the way sometimes. but I have a backlog of fire-making information I am eager to share, both here and on my other weblog, One Hundred Ways to Make Fire without Matches.

I borrowed this image from an ad for Instant Cold Packs. It is just for illustration purposes because I don’t have one on hand to photograph.  I don’t know if the brand pictured uses the required chemical cited in this post.

I will begin with a post to further credit an Internet friend and fellow fire starting consultant. I will not assume that he wants credit until he says it’s okay, as not everyone wants such credit for topics that may be controversial in one way or another. But he and I have exchanged some materials and ideas about fire making methods. Although I have indeed made fire using one method he showed me–I failed at making it with the materials he uses.

Both my friend and I at some point became aware of using those chemical instant cold compress packs that are found in many of the more elaborate first aid kits. You can buy them separately at many drugstores and over the counter home medical supply sections of general merchandise stores. They are used to reduce swelling and relieve pain in the event of a sprain or fracture. The cold effect is activated by crushing and/or opening the ingredient or otherwise allowing them to combine. The chemical reaction extracts heat from the mixture which makes them very cold to the touch. But one of the ingredients has another useful emergency application.

The first time I tried this, many years ago, I am not sure if I even had the right kind of cold pack–as there are other chemicals that may be used for cold packs. We did not have the Internet at the time and such information was not so easy to come by. As I recall, I got some promising bubbles, smoke, and a bit of heat–but no fire. I had sense enough to avoid the smoke. That’s it. I only had that one cold pack and that attempt was a fail. I just never took opportunity to try it again. Until recently. The video is the proof that it works.

You can get the more detailed version of this method at my following link to One Hundred ways to Make Fire without Matches.

More Details Regarding this and Other Methods Can Be found at this Link



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