My Altoid Tin Fire Kit

My educational Altoid tin fire making kit includes a miniature fire piston made from spent brass rifle cartridge, spent pistol cartridges containing lube and tinder for fire piston, hickory nut (hickernut) thumb thong to help hand turn a stem spindle, knife, piece of High Carbon Steel saw blade to spark flint, two sharp pieces of flint, jute twine to assist quick-lighting tinder bundle or for turning bow, clear marble for solar fire starting, fine steel steel wool for polishing bottom of soda can for solar fire starting, steel wool and gum wrapper to be ignited by battery, fold secured half straw full of Potassium Permanganate and piece of gum for wrapper and for sugar to mix with Potassium Permanganate for chemical fire starting. Oh, and the tin can be used for making char cloth. Of course you could just carry a small Bic lighter–but where’s the fun and education in that? Besides, we can’t have anyone mistaking young scouts for smokers. You can read about all these and many more alternative fire starting methods within this blog.


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