5o Cal BMG Big Boy Fire Piston

Some of these pix are a little cheesy because I took them from a folder of images enhanced for the sake of illustration in a legal filing. Sorry about the cartoon looking ember. It is only because it IS a cartoon ember enhanced as requested.

Many revere the legendary reputation of the 50 Cal BMG as the preeminent long range rifle/light machine gun cartridge, but may know little of the Fire Piston as a remarkable fire starting method with likely origins in the jungles of South East Asia thousands of years ago–or vice versa. Although the Philippine Islands and Malaysia are most often thought of as the origins of fire pistons–the triad of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are thought to be the oldest cultures in Asia, so who knows . . . .  all bamboo cultures are candidates

I guess it was inevitable while I am on this fire piston tear. Being a Vietnam Era veteran myself and an alternative fire blogger and gun guy, I produced the PapaD Big Boy in part as a commemoration of my two late big bros’ service who were also veterans of Vietnam. Both were also were prone to tinkering, wood-lore, and reloading.

Video Clip of FirsT 50 Cal BMG FzP Making an Ember

Ernie was attached to the US Navy HC-7 Helicopter Gunship Squadron that flew recovery missions smack into the fray to pull our boys out when needed. The Big Muthers as they were called, revered the 50 BMG for its impressive cover fire during these ops. Ernie was also associated with the early Navy SEALS before anyone knew much about them and later as an SEAL instructor.

Jim was in a US Navy Nuclear Weaponry program back when it was still cool to send home picture post cards showing various test bomb explosions, but was later closer to the fray in Vietnam. Big Boy is appropriate to commemorate although as politically controversial as was Vietnam. At least in Korea we didn’t tuck and run.


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